May 15/16 Sun BJJ



Always gotta get some kinda strength and conditioning in before the homies come in lol…

Smaller class with 15 min warm-up, 45 mins of drilling the x-pass by it self, then chaining the arm-bar, and then to kimura. We then reviewed a back take double lapel strangle from full harness or seat belt.

Clip of us rolling…


Sat June 6/15 2pm BJJ

Should have come out homies…


3 Purple Belts and 2 Blue Belts on the mat… just saying!

Had my boy for the weekend. Could have only partaken when he wasn’t fussy or when some else held him so I could drill…

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Photo credit to my boy Travis Duncan!

No excuses just gotta show up, you learn different things every time.


Alex, Morgo, Diesel, and Travis were positional working onĀ the sweep drill… I was working with my 5 month lol


Morgo went through the knee slice pass, with aĀ variation onĀ the grip, as well as Diesel showing his variation.

Great class, great perspectives…

sore meme

Man I was sore from lifting Sat morning and Friday Open Mat!

This morning was brutal at the Complex… phew.

Lifts: (135 lbs, 5 Sets, 14 Reps)

  1. Squats
  2. Bench
  3. Crunches, 5 Sets,100 Reps

Conditioning:Ā (Stationary Rowing, L10)

1. 10:09 mins, 1859 m

2. 10:06 mins, 1924 m

Love the day care thing