Sun Sept 13/15 11 am BJJ


Video my buddy Travis did during our drill session in the morning using his drone and GoPro below…

Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am… you bet me got some rowing in. Hit some better then last time marks. 2 sets, 20 mins goals, of 4 km… slowly getting better.


Warm-up consisted of arm bars, kimuras, Marcelotines, omaplata’s, triangles, hip-bump sweeps, spinning arm-bars from side control, & then loop chokes from the front head lock. They had to complete these exercises going 2 mins straight each, then alternate with only 30 sec breaks in between.

Clips below…

Then we reviewed some techniques I ripped off of Jiu-jitsu Magazine… yep. A 96 Choke, which is an oldschool Judo choke and the Brazilian Neck tie all starting from side control…



Yep always learning and evolving…

After technique we then did a bunch of positional sparring…

Escaping or submission while having back control or your back controlled.

2 mins, alternated, then switched partners until everyone was with everyone. Yep, a lot of rounds in…

Quick clip below…


Then of course the circle of thank you for choking the F-outa moi…

Great class big turn out… Katrina, Travis, Big Red, Hatton, Scotty, St Amand, Brittany, Marco and Colin were in attendance.

BJJ would be nothing without good teammates!!



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