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Oct 26/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Yep downed a pot before heading to LEMMA, wow… sooo many guys OTM, for open mat. Guess its that time of the year where hanging out in the sun isn’t really an option. Come out to the gym and roll… booom shakalaka… lol

Barely any room in the cage… which was fantastic.

“My obsession will become your addiction…” in a deep Darth Vader voice.



Some regulars missing though.


Rhino was in for the class and he made us review shooting a double leg with a very nice break down which were in 5 stages with the following… note that you have to be close enough to touch your opponents shoulders. I partnered with my homie Juneau.

  1. Level change
  2. Penetration step with the lead foot, enough to be even with them
  3. Knee down between your opponents legs, with your shoulder touch their hips
  4. Hands behind the knee with head looking up
  5. Then the lift and drive towards the direction of the knee that’s down, including a step around with the other leg

Loved this… this was awesome!!

I included a wiki link below with more detail for further reference


He then got us to roll… the most important part of BJJ


5 mins rounds, 1 min breaks.

Rolling: (5 mins, 1 min break)

  1. Caribbean
  2. Venom
  3. Thor
  4. Rock Climber
  5. The French man

Great class, love reviewing stuff I’m not remotely good at…

Little by little.. continue to attend classes with guys that have strengths that shadow your weakness… your BJJ and grappling will improve!!

 Loved the tough rounds at the end!!


Oh and I did manage to get some rowing in… 40 mins straight… results below.


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Oct 25 15 11am Sunday BJJ


Boy did I ever have to down a pot of coffee this morning lol… got to LEMMA around 9:00 am. Katrina was in around 10:00 and with her kids and their French teacher. Justin got in around 10:30 am. Had a visitor from Steel City MMA Troy in to train with us.

The class warm up was pretty standard…

running, bear crawls, lunges, forwards/backwards/side rolls, forwards/backwards break falls, forwards/backwards shrimping…

Everyone did great… hahahahha

We then reviewed a few lapel choke variations from closed guard… great vibe.

I then got the homies to do the circle of death, as requested by Justin that he had issues regarding side control escaping in his last few sparring sessions. They went 2 min rounds, with one person on the bottom, while the top person moved to the next person for the next 2 mins… there was a total of 8 people, there 4 round each.


Then they switched for another 4 rounds with the person once on top… now on the bottom. Person on top maintaining position, while person on the bottom working for an escape, then resetting.

Class was over for 12:30 pm… but I wanted to get a few rolls in. Got to Jam with Jared, then Morgo… great stuff, some great technically sound rounds!


Yes I got to get some rowing in this morning… results below!!


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Oct 23 15 5:30 Open Mat


Got to LEMMA around 5:00 pm ishy… tonnes of homies waiting outside…


Warmed up with Jared. Kid is a beast… I’m just waiting till he turns 19, 200 lbs, killer lol. Rolled with him for a few rounds.

Continued the warmup with one of Katrina’s little kids, a natural. Hope she sticks with it. Next I rolled with little Aiden who is big Steve’s son. If he sticks with it, seriously lol another future killer at our gym.

Rolled with Thor for a round fun fun…

Then a session with big Steve. Finished with what seemed like an eternity or 4 to 5 rounds with newer guy Kyle, who has a stripe from a club in Burlington Ontario… great stuff!!

Awesome stuff fun rounds with a lot of movement!!

A few of us then hit up some sushi… yep Sushi Station…


You bet managed to get in some rowing… did a 5 min warm up, then 5 sets of the 200 m… damn. Almost puked. Results below.


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