Mon Sept 28/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Strangling your friends… crazy talk.


Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm…

Rolled with Thor…

Head coach Matt is planning to go to little Matt’s rehearsal wedding at 5:00 pm… he needed a substitute to coach his kids class on Thursday. Travis has volunteered. Hopefully I can get some other Senior guys to help. The more the merrier… kids lol. That energy.

Thor ran it… standard warm-ups with running around the mat, shrimping forwards and backwards, break-falls, and sit-outs.

He then got us to review the sit up guard, to a sweep, to attacking the back.

LOVE this guard…

I worked in with Jared, and Juneau… fun fun.

Then we rolled.

Rolling: (3 mins, 30 sec breaks)

  1. Some random newer white belt
  2. Jesse MacDougall
  3. Travis Duncan
  4. I think a 2 stripe white belt by the name of Adrian?
  5. Katrina Jones

Fun fun…


A lot of fast hard matches…


All about the technique!!


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Sun Sept 27/15 11am BJJ


Got to LEMMA on Sunday around 9:30 am…

Kathy was in to lift…

Me rowed. yep 2, 4 km sessions. Did alright…

Will be adding 200 m sprints, with 1 min rest, tabata sets, and the 30s on 30s off to mix things up…

Results BELOW


We warmed up with running around, bear crawls, lunges, then a bunch of chaining drills… video clip below.

We then reviewed a few wonderful paper cutter choke variations… fantastic.!!

Then we rolled…

Rolling: (5 min, 30 sec breaks)

  1. Scott Hall
  2. Big Red
  3. Scotty too Hotty
  4. Travis Duncan
  5. Colin the beast

Boy did the guys put the pedal on me lol… rough rough hah!! Unfortunately, I forgot to record all the sets… only got the last one in which was hard as well.


All you gotta do is show up… someone will push you. You will learn something!!


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Fri Sept 25/15 Open Mat


Got to LEMMA at about 5:30pm last Friday

Reviewed a bunch of leg locks positions, the closed guard with Nathan Shat Hatton, & a very cool crucifix to loop choke with Thor… link below.

Rolling: (5 min, 30 sec breaks)

1. Scotty
2. Scotty
3. Hassan
4. Hassan
5. Mitch
6. Mitch
7. Mitch
8. Mitch

Quick Fri open mat session below…


Me and Mitch rolling…

Fun rolling… great times!!

Just show up… you will always learn something!!

Had an intense discussion with my homie Hatton about submissions, strategies, styles, games and submissions to finish a match. The grappling arts has evolved soo much, to the sport end of things that you do other wise, non typical things you would not see in futile warfare back in the day in hand to hand combat… learning specific games is great. Being a specialist of one is even better. Guys of recent have started playing the leg lock game… that is awesome, we evolve!

Live by the sword, and die by the sword…

Only a few leg locks I will open myself up to to continue learning… the ones that don’t expose my legs lol… if you know BJJ, train in any of the grappling arts you will know exactly which ones… and I will continue to learn to understand the mechanic of the others, to be able to defend.


My game has been the GI strangles and choking, you can hit them from everywhere… Nathan mentioned that strangle/choking is the ultimate submission… I agreed.

Chokes are King, arm locks Queen, and leg locks, a thief… I think that’s a quote from Dean Lister…

Nathan also stated that choking means death… you can always break someones legs, or arms and the could by whatever means escape or live… choking renders them unconscious… which by definition is death? taking their soul? well you could pretty much do what ever if they were unconscious, not breathing… so pretty much dead.

The Choke is King!!


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Wed Sept 23/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm… some big boys OTM inside the cage rolling.


Rolled with Travis till 6:30 pm… fun fun!

Head Coach Matt ran the warm-up… standard running around, forward and reverse rolling, technical falling, and shrimping. He then got us to rep duck-unders to back-take, the double legs, then the single leg.


I partnered with Hassan… Coach got us drilling 30 sec speed rounds then sprawling, when your partner counters with a takedown attempt… thought it was interesting.

My Gi was drenched by now…

Then he got us to drill the no hands, fist only, passing and guard retention exercise…


Yonk. I’m stealing that… heck all of those.

Then got us to rep for a few minutes on a timer, alternated from leg to leg the seated guard then switched… one of my favorite’s of course. Then we reviewed a sweep with a belt grip diving through the back side when your opponent places a hand on your collar behind your head.


BOOM low and behold… it was an exercise to drill an entry to 50/50….neat. Very neat!

Got a few 4 minute rolls in… first was with Hassan. Next was with big Willy!!


Great class… fun and tough rolls at the end.


Oh… yes I managed to get a pull session in at the Complex… results below.


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Mon Sept 21/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Great class Monday… got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm. Rolled with Thor till start of class. “Fun rolls,” he says… me replies, “yeah a lot of inverted funny back take stuff going on… oh and that damn crucifix” lol


Rhino was in to run the class. Had us work on take-downs.

All starting from over and under clinch positioning. The first, was with a back step, with an elbow or sleeve grip with the over-hook, then a fast knee bump on the under-hook side of the retracting leg. Taking them down on the under-hooks side. Second, was with an over-hook, after freeing the under-hook to palm push your partner in the chest and grabbing that wrist with the over-hook, to take them down on the over-hook side. A lot of pressure on the shoulder, throw your partner hard and their shoulder could snap… ouch. Great throws… hard take downs. Learn to break fall or counter lol.


I partnered with my white belt buddy Mitch.


Rhino then had us roll for the remaining 15 mins… lol

Oh… he also got promoted! Congratulations big guy… kinda important. Lol


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