Fri Sept 25/15 Open Mat


Got to LEMMA at about 5:30pm last Friday

Reviewed a bunch of leg locks positions, the closed guard with Nathan Shat Hatton, & a very cool crucifix to loop choke with Thor… link below.

Rolling: (5 min, 30 sec breaks)

1. Scotty
2. Scotty
3. Hassan
4. Hassan
5. Mitch
6. Mitch
7. Mitch
8. Mitch

Quick Fri open mat session below…


Me and Mitch rolling…

Fun rolling… great times!!

Just show up… you will always learn something!!

Had an intense discussion with my homie Hatton about submissions, strategies, styles, games and submissions to finish a match. The grappling arts has evolved soo much, to the sport end of things that you do other wise, non typical things you would not see in futile warfare back in the day in hand to hand combat… learning specific games is great. Being a specialist of one is even better. Guys of recent have started playing the leg lock game… that is awesome, we evolve!

Live by the sword, and die by the sword…

Only a few leg locks I will open myself up to to continue learning… the ones that don’t expose my legs lol… if you know BJJ, train in any of the grappling arts you will know exactly which ones… and I will continue to learn to understand the mechanic of the others, to be able to defend.


My game has been the GI strangles and choking, you can hit them from everywhere… Nathan mentioned that strangle/choking is the ultimate submission… I agreed.

Chokes are King, arm locks Queen, and leg locks, a thief… I think that’s a quote from Dean Lister…

Nathan also stated that choking means death… you can always break someones legs, or arms and the could by whatever means escape or live… choking renders them unconscious… which by definition is death? taking their soul? well you could pretty much do what ever if they were unconscious, not breathing… so pretty much dead.

The Choke is King!!


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