Fri Sept 11/15 5:00 pm Open Mat


Rolling:(9 min rounds, 1 min breaks)
1. Frazer
2. Thor, partial round through break
3. Thor
4. Marco, partial round through break
5. Marco
6. Big Red, partial round through break
7. Big Red
8. St Amand , partial round through break
9. St Amand


You will always learn something new.

Reviewed some defenses to Thors crucifix submission, then had a discussion on triangle defenses with everyone.

Lets just say I’ve been triangled a lot… built some kind of awareness from it.

Best defense is not to get put into one lol.

Great open mat, my lower back and my index finger is like slowly starting to feel better… that way I can work a little harder.

Left LEMMA around 7:15 pm…


BTW, I did manage to get some rowing in the morning completed… results below.

2 sets, 4 kms, 20 min pull sessions.


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Wed Sept 8/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm… a couple guys in the cage scraping.

Partnered with Mitch a newer white belt… and showed him how to tie his belt.

Veal had us warm up for 10 mins working on pummeling… then he had us review a few butterfly sweeps with a belt and knee Gi grip. The first, attacking the arm with the deep over hook and grip on the belt. The second, switching to the other side when your opponent steps to counter the original sweep. Veal did mention for me to move in deeper with my head and be like a ball… not sure if he was being condescending, but typically my whole game is supposed to be like a ball.


If I wasn’t, then it makes sense… especially when I really haven’t had anyone be critical of my technique, in a long time, which is really what I need and are missing since I started coaching the Tuesdays and Sunday classes.

I’m not a black belt… far from it… let alone feel qualified to coach classes.

We then scrapped… Veal said to the death. Which was condescending lol.

The white belts may take it seriously… and they do. Seriously though, they beat each other up, then they don’t come back.


Delimiters on growth of BJJ, especially if only the bullies continue to bully and are allowed too… It really dampers the retention of new white belts if they get killed on their first few lessons on the mat.

A wise man once told me that white belts make or break BJJ in a club and continued growth is what we need for longevity

Had an incident, heck multiple where guys were applying finger locks… yep not cool.

Rolling:(3 mins, 1 min breaks)
1. Mitch
2. Hatton
3. Veal
4. Jones
5. Newer guy with a shiny white Gameness Gi… or was it an Atama?

Overall decent class… rolling could have been longer rounds.

Like 6 to 10 mins. 3 mins is all about the push.


Everyone goes way too hard because of the short rounds and forgets about focus on actual technique.

Constructive criticism on my technique is nice, as I normally don’t get the help from the classes that I normally coach.


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