Thurs Sept 17/15 8:30 am BJJ

Yep kiddo puked on his Gi lol…oh well.

Could have been worse.

Got to the gym around 8:30 am…

The fitness guys were in doing their thing.

About 4 or 6 of then doing some kind of tabata variation of exercises.

Thor was in at roughly the same time, discussed the leg locks and flow sequence I wanted to review. Scotty arrived shortly after.


We drilled a leg lock sequence from a straight ankle lock, to an achilles slicer, a toe hold cork screw, a heel hook, a toe hold, then switched the leg to the reaping side. Applied the same techniques, then switched to the other side again, this time applying the same techniques with one foot spreading your opponents legs and hold it in place so they don’t roll out.

I feel at a loss with leg locks… so many wholes, however yet opportunities.


Very important to protect your own legs. The leg knot…

A nice reference for positioning the saddle…

A nice reference for heel hooks…

Below is a reference to other leg locks from Jason Scully I eventually want to get a handle on…

We drilled for 5 mins each the sequences then we worked on the Estima lock for about 5 mins each… pretty much a toe hold or straight foot lock depending on where you place the foot.

Great reference below…

After drilling the Estima Lock, we rolled. 3 min rounds. Shark tank style since there was only 3 of us lol.

Rounds: (3 mins, 15 sec Break)

  1. Myself & Thor
  2. Thor & Scotty
  3. Scotty & Me
  4. Myself & Thor
  5. Thor & Scotty
  6. Scotty & Myself
  7. Myself & Thor
  8. Thor & Scotty

Then the baby cried… lol sooo that concluded my short rolling session lol…

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