Fri Sept 11/15 5:00 pm Open Mat


Rolling:(9 min rounds, 1 min breaks)
1. Frazer
2. Thor, partial round through break
3. Thor
4. Marco, partial round through break
5. Marco
6. Big Red, partial round through break
7. Big Red
8. St Amand , partial round through break
9. St Amand


You will always learn something new.

Reviewed some defenses to Thors crucifix submission, then had a discussion on triangle defenses with everyone.

Lets just say I’ve been triangled a lot… built some kind of awareness from it.

Best defense is not to get put into one lol.

Great open mat, my lower back and my index finger is like slowly starting to feel better… that way I can work a little harder.

Left LEMMA around 7:15 pm…


BTW, I did manage to get some rowing in the morning completed… results below.

2 sets, 4 kms, 20 min pull sessions.


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