Mon Sept 28/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Strangling your friends… crazy talk.


Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm…

Rolled with Thor…

Head coach Matt is planning to go to little Matt’s rehearsal wedding at 5:00 pm… he needed a substitute to coach his kids class on Thursday. Travis has volunteered. Hopefully I can get some other Senior guys to help. The more the merrier… kids lol. That energy.

Thor ran it… standard warm-ups with running around the mat, shrimping forwards and backwards, break-falls, and sit-outs.

He then got us to review the sit up guard, to a sweep, to attacking the back.

LOVE this guard…

I worked in with Jared, and Juneau… fun fun.

Then we rolled.

Rolling: (3 mins, 30 sec breaks)

  1. Some random newer white belt
  2. Jesse MacDougall
  3. Travis Duncan
  4. I think a 2 stripe white belt by the name of Adrian?
  5. Katrina Jones

Fun fun…


A lot of fast hard matches…


All about the technique!!


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