Wed Sept 23/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm… some big boys OTM inside the cage rolling.


Rolled with Travis till 6:30 pm… fun fun!

Head Coach Matt ran the warm-up… standard running around, forward and reverse rolling, technical falling, and shrimping. He then got us to rep duck-unders to back-take, the double legs, then the single leg.


I partnered with Hassan… Coach got us drilling 30 sec speed rounds then sprawling, when your partner counters with a takedown attempt… thought it was interesting.

My Gi was drenched by now…

Then he got us to drill the no hands, fist only, passing and guard retention exercise…


Yonk. I’m stealing that… heck all of those.

Then got us to rep for a few minutes on a timer, alternated from leg to leg the seated guard then switched… one of my favorite’s of course. Then we reviewed a sweep with a belt grip diving through the back side when your opponent places a hand on your collar behind your head.


BOOM low and behold… it was an exercise to drill an entry to 50/50….neat. Very neat!

Got a few 4 minute rolls in… first was with Hassan. Next was with big Willy!!


Great class… fun and tough rolls at the end.


Oh… yes I managed to get a pull session in at the Complex… results below.


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