Mon Sept 21/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Great class Monday… got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm. Rolled with Thor till start of class. “Fun rolls,” he says… me replies, “yeah a lot of inverted funny back take stuff going on… oh and that damn crucifix” lol


Rhino was in to run the class. Had us work on take-downs.

All starting from over and under clinch positioning. The first, was with a back step, with an elbow or sleeve grip with the over-hook, then a fast knee bump on the under-hook side of the retracting leg. Taking them down on the under-hooks side. Second, was with an over-hook, after freeing the under-hook to palm push your partner in the chest and grabbing that wrist with the over-hook, to take them down on the over-hook side. A lot of pressure on the shoulder, throw your partner hard and their shoulder could snap… ouch. Great throws… hard take downs. Learn to break fall or counter lol.


I partnered with my white belt buddy Mitch.


Rhino then had us roll for the remaining 15 mins… lol

Oh… he also got promoted! Congratulations big guy… kinda important. Lol


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