Sun Sept 20/15 11 am BJJ

As you can see… I’ve been procrastinating.

Well not really lol… baba has been keeping me busy.


Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am on Sunday. Yes sir, me rowed…

2 sessions of 4 km… great day and a few calories burned.

Results below…


Quite a few guys showed up this morning… summer must be ending lol.

Newer white belts Kevin, Cole, Scotty Hall and Travis were in attendance. Hassan, Brittany, Justin St Amand, Scotty too hotty, and Nathan were as well…

Felt kinda bad… called Cole Kyle… ooops

Big up to the new faces for a Sunday showing.

I know its hard to come on an early Sunday to train BJJ.


Hard work will pay off!!

Quick clip of our warm-up below…

Somebody requested drilling with chained techniques… coaching is cool. Feedback is even cooler when it will improve the quality of the class. This I do love… chaining takedowns, passing the guard to full on submission attack… love.


So I got the homies to do a bunch… 2 mins for each chain, then alternate. First, was the X-pass, knee on belly, then spinning arm-bar. Second, was the knee slice pass, to kesa gatame, straight arm lock on the near side arm, to a kimura on the far side arm while stepping over to sit on the face, then possibly attacking wrist, or arm-bar if choosing so. Lastly, was a deep hip throw, with a belt or under hook grip to attack the far side arm again.

I threw all that into the warm-up lol.


Technique… we continued to review the 96 choke, as well as the Brazilian Neck Tie from the 96 choke fun fun…

Quick clip below…

We then rolled. 5 min rounds…


1. Shat Hatton
2. Scotty too Hotty
3. Hassan
4. White belt Travis
5. Justin St Amand
6. Shat Hatton

Quick clip of us rolling below…

Great rolling…a few faces I haven’t seen all summer…

Don’t blame you, summer is summer…

Always great to take a break!


Bunch of newer faces too… great to have you.


Hope to see you back!


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