Oct 23 15 5:30 Open Mat


Got to LEMMA around 5:00 pm ishy… tonnes of homies waiting outside…


Warmed up with Jared. Kid is a beast… I’m just waiting till he turns 19, 200 lbs, killer lol. Rolled with him for a few rounds.

Continued the warmup with one of Katrina’s little kids, a natural. Hope she sticks with it. Next I rolled with little Aiden who is big Steve’s son. If he sticks with it, seriously lol another future killer at our gym.

Rolled with Thor for a round fun fun…

Then a session with big Steve. Finished with what seemed like an eternity or 4 to 5 rounds with newer guy Kyle, who has a stripe from a club in Burlington Ontario… great stuff!!

Awesome stuff fun rounds with a lot of movement!!

A few of us then hit up some sushi… yep Sushi Station…


You bet managed to get in some rowing… did a 5 min warm up, then 5 sets of the 200 m… damn. Almost puked. Results below.


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