Oct 21/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6 pm…

Got a really long warm-up round of rolling with one of the newer guys…

He had a new shiny new Fugi GI on… awesome… Chris? Tom? John? not even sure… so many new faces and white belts lately. Hope they stay.

Great movements by this kid, smaller so a lot more technique then you would normally expect in lieu of a bigger newer white belt.

Great long session, fantastic rolling and a great vibe!

He was completely the opposite of the meme below lol…


Great class… nice review of self-defense from our head Coach… I partnered with Trina.

Crazy though how when she asked me to partner with her, immediately after she stated, ” you don’t have to, if you don’t want yo, and that I understand…,” I immediately replied, “that its all good, white belts are human too,” then giggled.

Training with newbs help your game. Period…

Dumbing things down, making you have to articulate movements you never would have normally to someone that gets the technique, learning how to coach, so to speak…

All good homie! We learn and grow together.

There is a place for everyone OTM!


Got a chance to get some rowing in this morning… yep.

Still got it.

Been so busy lately… seriously, when I say busy… I’m busy.

But I still need to keep up with my rowing. Results below…


Thor ran the warm-up and also had us review the single legged x-sweep from a shin guard entry.

Awesome class!


A lot of repping technique, my favourite classes!

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