Mon Sept 14/15 6:30 pm BJJ

Bomb digity…

Got to LEMMA around… 5:45 pm.

Some of the boys be rolling… some of them real hard lol

Homeboy big Willy was in… stole this like I steal other peoples memes lol Seemed fitting.


Haven’t seen him out… since like January or December. Yep… huge return from a really long hiatus, glad he is back.

Rolled with ma daddy long legged buddy Travis, focusing on transitioning. Fun fun…


My lower back felt real good today, especially with all the stretches and rolling out I’ve been doing while my kid is doing tummy time… I pushed my transitioning a little to see how fast and smoothly I could execute them… no I didn’t land shit, but my transitioning made me feel like I was a Super Saiyan God!!!

Diesel had us warming up with a leg drag pass with no stapling of the bottom thigh… partnered with Tyler.


I love drilling… HINT HINT HINT

Diesel then got us to review some X-guard sweeps… love them.

Straight up love them.

Rolling: (3 min, rounds)
1. Tyler
2. Mitch
3. Daluca
4. Mitch

Had a discussion with Veal over the weekend about the 3 min rounds…
His explanation that sometimes you need shorter ones too, makes sense. He explained that with the 3 minute short rounds, it will help you close out a match, if you are down, as well as help keep a steady pace. With the intensity of shorter rounds and the 30 seconds rest, it makes you maintain your higher heart rate while constantly having to adjust to the different styles with very little time to adapt.

Makes total sense for preparation with a competition styled rolling format, especially when you have the right amount of bodies OTM.


Overall great class, great peeps, great vibes…

Caught these homies below in discussions of my secret triangle escape while I was leaving… Yes Thor first step, is to become an Ewok.


Peace and Shaka… lol


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