Sun July 5/15

Loner strength and conditioning session again… lol


Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am…. man did I not want to train.

Had a little too much scotch to myself last night lol.


Too much. Hah. Made sure I got my Java in lol… before I went to the gym.

1. Squats, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 18 reps
2. Bench,  135 lbs, 4 sets, 18 reps

1. Crunches, 4 sets, 100 reps
2. Box Jumps, 24 in, 4 sets, 13 reps

3. Box Jumps, 30 in, 1 set, 9 reps


It was blues fest this weekendwasn’t expecting any guys in

New guy Cole showed up, then Jesse Veltri lol yes he came to train in the GI for a bit. Britney and then Morgo showed up… beast especially with his broken ears lol ouch.


Big up brother… doooo take a small break for the healing though. Lol

Warmup: (20 mins)
1. Jogging, bear crawls, lunges, forward/backwards/side rolling, forward/backwards shrimping, forward/backwards break falling to a technical stand, and butt scooting to triangles… pretty standard.

Rolling: (7 mins, 1 min break)
1. Jesse Veltri
2. Morgo

We reviewed the loop chokes, then the Cowboy choke… discussed issues, entries, and possible escape based on positioning.


Rolling: (7 mins, 1 min break)
1. Morgo
2. Cole
3. Britney


BJJ is great…

BJJ is awesome…

BJJ keeps me sane…



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