Sat July 4/15 BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 1:45 pm, Alex and Travis were in rolling pretty hard lol. Morgo called in sick…

40 viles of blood removed from his ears!


BUMMER! glad I don’t currently have that issue.

Keith discussed some concepts of using weight from being on top in lieu of strength. Which to me at this point is plane and simple. “When you use muscle, you tire. When you tire, you think. When you think, its too late. When its too late, you die.” lol

I was still beat up from Friday’s open mat and rowing session lol…


Big Red, then Winston showed up shortly…

Small class LOL…

Oh well… the show must go on…


Some of the boys repping out the cowboy choke to knee bar below…

The homies rolling below…

Fantastic day… everyone left tired hahaha.

Did my job… lol


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