Sat June 20/15 S & C Training

Got to the Complex around 8:30 am… the dog actually woke me up at 7:30 am…the wife and the baby were already up and going… cute.

Made ma java… supa-delish… morning pick up for sure.


  • Squats 135lbs, 5s/15r
  • Bench 135lbs, 5s/15r
  • Vanity Crunches 4s/100r
  • Stationary Rowing, maintained a personal good pace for 2 sets, 10 mins each

Reality is, I will go up in weight once I can hit 20 reps at 5 sets…



Was hoping to get 2 pm BJJ…

Got home and fell asleep with the dog….

Kept sleeping…

Boooooooo, guess i was tired.

Superman sleeps too… it will catch up on you lol…

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Fri June 19/15 Open Mat


Got to za club for 5:30 pm…

Homies be rolling…

Didn’t warm up… paid for that!


Too excited to get some rolling in we forget…

Rolling: (7 min, 1 min breaks)
1. Scotty too hotty
2. Justin the beast Amand
3. Matthew T-burn
4. June Buggy
5. Razor Frazer

This was a phenomenal rolling session… Homies did not let up or take it easy on me… 7 mins rounds with 1 min breaks damn… thank good for the sashimi after to help rebuild some cells.

June buggy brother. You gotta tap. That was close, thought I heard a few pops and cracks homie!

— with Juneau Barnett and 4 others at Leading Edge MMA.


Tired though…


But we be rolling!


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Wed June 17/15 BJJ

Arm bars, arm bars…

We be doing arm bars…


Got to to LEMMA around 6pm, got volunteered amongst other peoples to be a dummy for the rug rats…


They practiced the good old fashioned  closed guard guillotine excellent work homies!

The future of BJJ… Osss.

Diesel ran the class today…

Warm up was my favourite with repping out arm bar swings, 10 on each side and then the good old fashioned hip bump sweeps.

For those of you that attend my Sunday classes, you know there are about 8 or 9 other drills we run down… Oss.

Partnered with Josh the beast Daluca, yep beast. Strong like bull, moves like one too. >

Tired with all the traveling, flying, driving and super long traveling weekend festivities, from the little monkey being up, the long working day but hey…


BTW, Congrats Pon on the wedding in London which i did attend on Saturday


Then the drive down from Thunder Bay for my boy Morgan Razer Frazer in Minneapolis… bup bup!!


BJJ all the way son!

Diesel got us to work on a few variations of an arm bar then one into a sweep.

King of the mat starting from closed guard, then rolling afterwards.

First, I got grouped with Josh, & Jesse. Physical phenoms lol… athletic smashers lol. It was fun and I got pushed around. Second, I got grouped with Philippe, & Marc. Yep pushed around lol… then it was Luke and Juno lol. Man, only Marco was my size lol.

Rolling: (4 min rounds, 30 sec breaks)
1. Josh the beast Daluca
2. Jesse quicky McDougall
3. Philippe the Frencher Jecker
4. Marco Polo

Great rounds, and I got pushed. Sometimes rolling with bigger guys puts my technical ability to the test and reminds me that technique rules all


They are STRONGER, they are more muscular. I muscle back, I’m smaller, they win the strength and push battle I gas, & I can die.

Not smart, had to change my strategies… lol especially when a bull mounts you yep.


Defensive and ‘A’ game to live… weather the storm and wait for openings

Chugged a bunch of water

WORD… lol


See you Friday for Open Mat

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Fri June 12/15 Open Mat

Homies be like what what…


My knee is snore, not sure why. Before the rolling too. I suspect I banged it up while sleep rolling onto the floor or into the wall.


The wife will have to clarify…

Either that or its the aftermath of rolling with those human apes on Wednesday lol…


Crazy… sleep, eat, work for BJJ, word!

I took it really easy today…

It was all focus with no messing around…

Didn’t want to mess up the knee even further…

Gotta be able to attend the weddings…



Flew to London Saturday morning…

Flying back to Thunder Bay Sunday morning, then driving to Minneapolis.

NUTS nuts nuts!



Alex the bear… a lot of flow. Man I remember a time where all he was, was dah judo… gripping judo. Hummm bear? Judo? Yep. Crushing strength.

Your flow has come a long way my friend… keep it up.


Now only if I can convince you to compete with us.

Rolling: (5 min, 2 breaks)
1. Luka
2. Luka
3. Luka
4. Luka

Been playing around with a modified baseball strangle lately from side control with stapling the arm to immobilize my opponent lately. Something like what John Veal use to do to me while up here, but working into a paper cutter. This works with bigger stronger guys, as most will just try bench pressing you as most of the pressure is applied to the neck carotid artery. Its effectiveness is so far phenomenal. I attack the other arm with my free hand to bait the opening. If they don’t take it, I can maintain side control, move to north south, attack dangling are, or status quo for the strangle.


Brother you gotta tap! Snore snore…. out.



With dah Frenchman… he wanted to review escaping the northsouth. Definitely a few variations, mainly to me off scrambles and timing. Soo hard to escape once your opponent clamps down like a vise.

All and all, great session homies!!

I will be in London, then Minneapolis till Tuesday.

My boy Nathan the Prof Shat Hatton has me covered.



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Wed June 10/15 BJJ

Got to LEMMA around ummm 6pm… yesterday was mentally draining.


Meeting was what made the day irritable, but I got through it.

Little guy has been teething for a week… poor monkey.


Rolled with Diesel for a whole 15 mins.

Damn son… ape of a man on top of you ehhhhh! lol


Diesel coached the class. He went through some arm-bar variations & an omaplata sweep with one of the entries.

I partnered with big boy Tony Ton to rep the techniques…

Rolling: (4 min Rnds)
1. Tony
2. Richard



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