Sat June 20/15 S & C Training

Got to the Complex around 8:30 am… the dog actually woke me up at 7:30 am…the wife and the baby were already up and going… cute.

Made ma java… supa-delish… morning pick up for sure.


  • Squats 135lbs, 5s/15r
  • Bench 135lbs, 5s/15r
  • Vanity Crunches 4s/100r
  • Stationary Rowing, maintained a personal good pace for 2 sets, 10 mins each

Reality is, I will go up in weight once I can hit 20 reps at 5 sets…



Was hoping to get 2 pm BJJ…

Got home and fell asleep with the dog….

Kept sleeping…

Boooooooo, guess i was tired.

Superman sleeps too… it will catch up on you lol…

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