July 24/15 Open Mat

Got to the gym at roughly 5pm…


Rolling : (6 min Rounds, 1 min Breaks)

1. Katrina
2. Scotty
3. Scotty
4. Rupert
5. Rupert
6. Matt

Jammed my right index finger defending a knee bar transition… Defensively it worked lol.


Definitely fatter lol… ibuprofen BOOM!

Next time I’m gonna close my fist or palm out lol.

Other than that… great rolling, great time, & a lot of sweat left OTM with the homies from yesterday.


Left at roughly 6:30 pm for date to eat balut…



See y’all Sunday taking Saturday off to hang with the Family at Buskers Festival then the water park at the Marina lol… yes 2 feet of H2O hahhaha.

My height apparently.

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