Sat Aug 15/15


Got to LEMMA around 1:45 pm… a fellow by the name of Leo was in visiting from Korea… a brown belt in BJJ. I Guess he arranged to meet up with Keith to work on some technique. He mentioned he will be back in a few year and was leaving Monday.

Morgan was in to run the class. Travis, myself and Aria were in to partake… yep 28 degrees Celsius out. Don’t blame anyone for not showing lol…


Drilled a few takedowns to guard passes, with a same side lapel gilliotine…

We then worked on a few rounds of back control positional sparring with escape or submit then switch. 3 min rounds then alternated. Everyone worked with everyone.

Rolling: (5 min, Shark Tank)
1. Sat out
2. Morgan
3. Travis
4. Sat out
5. Travis
6. Morgan
7. Travis

Clips of us rolling below…


A few solid rounds… hard and technical with a great crew of advanced competition homies.


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Fri Aug 14/15 Openmat


Didn’t feel like going in Friday mad tired…

Had to meet up with a few friends at the Marina for 6:30 pm for the Brew Ha…


Hot as hell… 37 degrees Celsius in the house.

Still went in to Openmat and got some training.

Rolled with only Morgan for a few 10 min rounds… we reviewed leg lock defences and choking stuff.

Us playing footsies below… I should have grabbed the other lapel to defend.


Heck… I still went in lol…

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