Wed Aug 12/15 BJJ

Wow the guys all rolled really hard tonight lol… #whitebelthard hahahah


Thought I was gonna roll nice and light tonight, oh well…


Bottom game is light…

Right until you get a 200 lbs white belt how wants to smash pass you hahahah…


First time in a long time someone threw me in a head lock and tried to squeeze my head until it popped lol…

Don’t think they were too happy when I kept taking there back and threatened a choke…

Great practice of technique for me though, to repping out basic counters to basic human aggression at its fullest offence.


Even the mindless guard passing attempts with trying to run around my guard… like really.

Thought they would learn by now…



Rolling:(4 min, 1 min breaks)
1. Philippe
2. Josh
3. Steve
4. Travis
5. Katrina
6. Kyle

Interesting rolls tonight… got ample of opportunity to work my basic BJJ game of surviving with an assailant going 150 percent on top of me… heck even got the old school head lock and squeezing my head with all his might, grunting I might add lol… #whitebeltproblems lol

On a gooder note lol…

Rowing in the morning at level 6… with minor to decent results.

Had time to make a stash of one my favorite dishes kimchi…

Yes kimchi. Pear and honey used as a sweetener.


Hope to see you monkeys out Friday, Saturday and Sunday…


If your not too worn out from all that hard rolling lol.image


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Tues Aug 11/15 Nogi…



Yep… rowing this morning at the Complex.

Level 5… next is 6… experimenting. Forgot to take a picture of the first round.


Got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm… Warm-up was pummeling for 5 to 10 mins.


Partnered with Jesse. Reviewed the over under, body lock takedown. Then the inside foot sweep when your opponent counters with an outside step. Matt got a newer guy to join our technical review… then another guy joined. Both greener then grass. Ouch lol… I slowly transitioned myself to work in with Travis and Nathen yes. The purple belt nerds.


Hey I got needs too lol… needy to learn more BJJ. Coaching is cool… but I attend these classes to learn. Hah!!

We then reviewed a gilliotine from the sprawl with a hook to sweep. After that we worked on the darce choke and then the Peruvian necktie… yes the neck tie, with my short ass legs lol.


Excellent class with review of submission techniques I only hit on very special occasions.

Big class… prime time. Wish these homies would man up… buy a GI and attend my classes. Need more bodies… for the training. Oh well… future bodies I guess. Once they figure out where their game needs to evolve.


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