Sun Aug 9/15 11am BJJ


Yep… rowing. Level 5… 500 m 4 sets… trying this out at level 5…


Ironically my warm-up round was the best lol 2:07 mins… I need to get this down lol. Next is level 6.


Great job today Rupert Klein, Justin St-Amand, Katrina Jones, & Brittany McNeice!

Choke is king!!!

While everyone else was out enjoying the beautiful Sunday morning… you guys were sweating OTM.

Drill, drill, drill… hahahah

Got them to warm-up with 2 min rounds each on arm bars, kimuras, hip bump sweeps to arm bar, knee slice pass to under hook arm bar, and then finally the toreando pass to back take bow chokes.

We then reviewed the bow choke, rolling bow choke, and then the x-collar choke from while your opponent is in turtle guard.

Rolling: (5 min rounds 45 sec breaks)
1. Sat out
2. Sat out
3. Katrina
4. Justin


Stretching: (10 min)


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