Fri Aug 28/15 5:30 pm OpenMat

Got to LEMMA around 5:00 pm… quite a few boys OTM… looked like they were reviewing some technique. Rad!

Hassan and myself after last weeks session… guess we’ll be losing him after the 21st of Oct. Booo. He found a job in butt-f- no-where and plans to be in Toronto for the little while.


Morgon attempting to take my back last week… fun fun.


G going north-south on me before OpenMat…

Jesse asked a few questions regarding s-mount and kimura defended while attack is on top north south. We discussed and reviewed a few solutions.

Rolling: (10 mins, 30 sec breaks)
1. Travis (warm-up)
2. Scott
3. Steve
4. Rupert



ADCC tonight… wooo

Hopefully we’ll see yall at BJJ tomorrow morning!!


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