Sun Aug 16/15 11 am BJJ

Had to bring Chucky Sunday morning to his Vet to get his rabies shot and check up… A++ she says especially with what happened to his back a few years ago.


Didn’t get to the gym until 10:15 am. I only had time to roll out my back muscles.

Decent attendance, with Justin, Kyle, Nathan, Katrina, and even Emma. Especially for this morning… beach weather lol. Was it ever starting to get hot out side. The Gym was super hot.

Warm-up was with the standard 15 mins of running around, lunges, bear crawls, rolling, shrimping, butt scooting etc… quick clip below.

We also got a bunch of 2 mins drilling in with arm-bars, hip-bump sweeps, kimuras, Marcelotines, and triangles all from closed guard. Additionally, I got the guys to rep string attacks, with passing the butterfly guard with the toreando pass to knee on belly the your opponent counters with a turtle and you take the back to work your favorite submission. I then got them to work a knee slice-pass, to work an under then arm-bar. Quick clip below…

Got Nathan to show a few submissions from side control. Kesa Gatami.

The straight arm-lock with the top leg, then the key lock with the bottom leg. and head control. Quick clip below for further reference.

Old school… I guess. Effective but not used much. I may start using these submissions more often.


We then worked on the back-take positional sparring… love these. Everyone was going hard. Submission and reset. Escape and reset. 3 min rounds.


PLEASE NO MORE F’n Finger locks, not rocket science… just don’t do them.


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