Sun Aug 2/15 11 am BJJ

Didn’t think many would show… beautiful day, however I was in around 9:30 am.

Hung over lol… too much scotch last night but hey… need to get conditioning in…


Let just say my last set was horrible… 3rd set almost 2 mins lol woooo… getting better will never be easy.


I was right not many people in… only Nathan and Brittany showed up…

Kinda glad…

Got Nathan to run the show. He ran through a short warm-up, then reviewed a take down from a duck under, to a brabo choke and then a arm triangle choke.

Lucky Brittany essentially got a private lol.

We had her ask questions with what she had problems and issues with.

Tried to answer them as best as we could.


Then we had a few small 5 mins rounds on her with me coaching her while she rolled with Nathan…

Apparently she loved that… hah!!


After BJJ I made sure to get my intake of meatballs in from Italian Fest!!

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