Wed Aug 5/15 6:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:15 pm…

Finger was still mangled… what-eves.

Tape hahahah… sometimes you just gotta train a little injured. You never know when you have to actually fight.


Yep… got to the Complex this morning.

Morning conditioning… 4 sets, 10 min each… didn’t hit my 2.0 km mark but hey… 4th set was still the best.

6:30 pm BJJ was fantastic @leadingedgemma!

Takedowns and some shark tank drilling. My favorite… Iron sharpens iron.

Boy, was I ever gassed at the end.
All the heavy weights showed up tonight lol. O.o


I went for the takedowns…


I even had to fake guard pull then sweep…


Some guys were so hard to takedown… fighting tooth and nail, I even failed…

Drilling when your gas tank is empty reveals weakness… overcome an adapt!


See you OTM!!

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