Tues Aug 25/15 5:30 pm Nogi

Seriously bro… the stats below are real?

Black Belt and enjoying the journey are definitely achievable and attainable goals, just gotta put time OTM!

Don’t hate on the dedicated… you haven’t walked in their shoes.


Got to BJJ around 5:30 pm… Matt Thorburn was in to run the class. I partnered with Emma Horner. Let’s just say she is a gold medaling wrestler from Lakehead University. She drops tones of wrestling information… don’t be blind to it, a tone of education you don’t normally pick up in an average BJJ class. Fantastically awesome.

We worked on a high crotch to an single leg takedown, then a transition to a duck under back take. Thorburn then had us review the back step from inside the half guard. It was a back step to fight for the under-hook or set up a knee bar. If the knee bar wasn’t an option then step back to continue the knee slice to side control, with the under-hook and the far side arm.

Unfortunately, no rolling… but tones of reps on the high crotch and single leg take downs. Never a loser from this kind of class.


Yep hit the Complex in the morning


Hard works pays off… boy was I drained after this session…

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