Tues Sept 1/15 5:30 pm Nogi


Actually its only been a few days a week, if not only 1 day a week amongst 5 days actually training BJJ. Not bad especially when it involves a lot of wrestling. Believe me… I suck at takedowns. This class improves it…


Got to LEMMA around 5:00 pm… I partnered with Big Rig. Thor had us work on the back step pass, then a knee through to a straight arm while in a seated mount or kimura. Rolled with Justin, a young newer white belt, & worked on stand-up stuff with Big Rig. Big Rig hurt his back a while back… gotta nurse those injuries home boy.


Yep pulled this morning…


Being active is hard when you have a baby…

Tough knock life lol… no sleep.

10 cups of coffee…

Every 15 mins, if not one thing, its another lol…

BJJ keeps me sane…


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