Wed Sept 2/15 BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm… Matt the grasshopper was in… gave us a nice little animal styled warm-up movements and then we did a bunch of passing drills. Similar to my Sunday classes.


Leg drag drilling something similar to below… only to seat the knee between the legs…

Bull fighter, Matador or Toreando pass… only to keep the grips and drop the outside shoulder for pressure and connection, instead of going knee to belly. I’ll be honest, I’m a fan of the knee belly, I drop the shoulder if my opponent is really big, and I’m fighting tooth and nail…

Then x-pass…

Man was I ever drained lol

Not even sure we rolled… ah well… I was pooched.

Matt Veal showed me a cool submission… the diamond choke, which looks is similar to a standard leg triangle. But with the legs reversed… once I find a video I will post…


Yep pulled again this morning…



Stay away from mat bullies lol…

We need growth in BJJ…

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