Dec 2/15 BJJ


Its nice with this blogging thing to be able to blab about random thoughts, things that occur and what I feel portraits my slight addiction to BJJ… very slight.

Is this a reflection of my reality? Or is it a reflection of what I want people to see. Is this life? Or is it what I want people to see… lol well proof is in the pudding I guess… mat time is mat. None of that can be taken away. Blood sweat, tears of joy from being choked out and pushed by your fellow training partners.

Between the foot, and ankle now lol… life is life, maybe its telling me to relax?


Then I snap back to reality and boom… am I dead?

So… picked up the little guy after work, limped around the house with him, fed him and got myself ready for BJJ lol.

Tape… plenty of tape, tiger balm, and ibuprofen lol. Yep


Dedication or stupidity… probably closer to stupidity. Either way I went to BJJ lol… didn’t want to miss learning something someone else would have without myself being OTM…


Caleb was in which was nice… he’s been telling me that he want to train every Wednesday now. He showed up second week in a row!


Coach got us to do a few takedowns… 2 in fact. Thor reviewed the double. The single, and a heel pick. He also got us to review a guard jump to an arm-bar, crazy cray cray!

I wanted to roll… my body was telling me no. Noticed coach Keith eating chocolate covered nuts… went over to enjoy a few while the white belts rolled. Yep a lot of white belts OTM…


Reality is… the destination is the same. No need to rush. I need good ankles and feet to continue this journey lol.


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