Jan 13/16 Wed BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm Wednesday last week.

Yes I’m still behind.

Sorry… I start these things then either the 2 little monkeys wants my attention.


lol. Yes the dog, fur baby and my actual human baby lol.


Got OTM with Thor for only a few minutes left lol.

Either way, Thor ran the class… warm up consisted of us working on shrimping on the spot, then exercises to warm up the neck. Wrestling styled stuff.


Uuuuhh my neck was sore the next morning lol.

Not to mention my wrist… dfck.

I partnered with Josh for the tech review. We worked on the arm bar with the pit stop first… Rep those out like a few hundred times. We then reviewed the switch when your opponent rips out the arm… to switch to the far side arm when they attempt to pass your guard, which should be obvious, repping it out a few hundred times.


OR NOT hahahah?

Forget my tape and neoprene reinforcement for my ankle and wrist…


No dice on rolling fck… seriously fck!

Probably smart of me due to my injuries anyway.


Really though… my wrist is busted up.

I shouldn’t be rolling anyway.


Must have subconsciously been doing myself a favor. No rolling till your hundo!!


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