Wed June 4/15 BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm…



Got some mat time with big white belt Colin… 220 lbs.

He’s improving damn, so strong and big. Grips and strength are BOOM-digity-DATA.

30 minutes with this big boy!


Open mat prior to class was in the cage…

He definitely has cage awareness lol,

kept putting me into the fence. Used it well lol

Coach Matt was sore today, so good old David Letourneau aka “Diesel ” ran the show last night…

I partnered with Nathan the Professor X… slick dude slick…

Minus the fact your stubble sticks to my GI hahahaha

Class Warm-up: (Arm-bar Drilling, 2 mins each)

  1. Standard Arm-bar, from closed guard
  2. Fat Man arm-bar, from closed guard

Lost in arm-bars… in fact 4 variations, mainly fat man ones, at least that what i call them, with different entries, grips, and options in attacking the the opposite arm for the omaplata and even just sweeping. Then we rolled with 3 min rounds. I find the 3 min rounds are the bruisers… everyone seems to go sooo freaking hard crazy crazy…

Rolling: (3 min rounds, 30 sec break)

  1. Diesel
  2. Travis Duncan
  3. Brittany
  4. Michael Maronese

Someone had the most stanky ass GI… thought it was me.


Not sure who… Wash that shit homie!

smelly GI meme

Kinda sore lol… smashed by bigger dudes hah?


Great news!

My boy the Frenchman is back from his Brazil trip and he has news…

Brazil was lovely… hahaha

If you continue to follow you will find out!!


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