Mar 16/16 Wed BJJ

DON’T want to train… but it was BJJ Wednesday!!


TBH, I was dreading going in to train today… tired, sore, and the dumping of snow wasn’t encouraging.



The little guy has been sick, so tending to his coughing or waking up while the wife tends is crazy. Hard to believe our parents went through this.


If they can do it, we absolutely have the ability to lol.

Thank god I went in though.


Thor ran the class, warm-ups with some running, forward/reverse shrimps, break falls to technical stands, sit outs, then arm drag flow drilling and takedowns. I partnered with Aussie Mike…. We then rolled with 5 min rounds.

Clip or our class below…

Aussie Mike, Juneau, Mitch’s buddy tall big new guy Evan??, Brent from Geraldton, some big guy Mike from St Catherine’s that trains with Gracie Barra who forgot his GI, and then Josh… homeboys grilled me lol.


I lived lol



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