Apr 17/16 Sun BJJ

Long over due post… been busy. Training from April 17th lol. Wife say’s just work on them lol
Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I feel uncomfortable, sometimes overwelmed, sometimes I wanna give up… like whats the point. No one cares… maybe it’s the injuries?


Reality is, the mat put’s me back together mentally… here and now. Just worrying about the moment. All you problems just melt away, when you are worrying about being choked. Just show up.


Yes I managed to get some training before the class lol…


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Blah lol… BJJ soon. 🙂

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15 mins warm-up, 30 min drilling closed guard sweeps and chaining submissions, reviewed some technique, and then 6×5 mins rounds of rolling. It was Philippes bday a few days ago… so we kinda shark tanked him.

Fun slow mo roll with newer Mark lol!!

Either way, keep showing up… I do lol.

Just make sure to take time off when injured or you just keep injuring yourself!!


Will try to get another one in before calling it a night.


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