April 4/16 Monday BJJ

Still going lol and behind…

Got to LEMMA around 5:45 pm… made sure to slap on my shin guard. Great stuff lol… oh and chugged a bunch of coffee.


Maybe I should…
BJJ as a career? lol
Fun? Absolutely

Kid Lightning ran the warm-up with a bunch of tumbling, forward/reverse shrimping, and forward/reverse rolling. He then had us review the double under-pass to darce… lovely. Ironically he hit it in his cage match this past weekend, with no arm. Neat. Almost looks like a N/S choke. Well a little bit of both. Variation ninjama stuff.


Great stuff though. Beautiful in fact… seeing BJJ work in the cage. Kid is a great inspiration to me… motivated me. Ever since i started, way back on 2008 lol.


I partnered with TBT Steve for the review. We then had a few rounds of rolling. 5 min rounds. First with Steve, Thor, and then Ryan… great stuff. Veal said to flow. Um yeah…



Lol… twas a fantastic class!!


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