Apr 10/16 Sun BJJ

Yes… there was snow this Sunday morning…

Hello snow… 5 cm sure lol.


Oh well the monkey was up at 6 am. Thanks to the wife, I got to sleep in till 8 am lol. Yep, got in some coffee, walked the dog, then gym by 9 am.


Yep got some rowing in…

Also other random activities lol…

We had a newer attendee. Tyler Duke, wow is this dude is big… think he’s a cop. Great stuff though, lots of potential and willingness to learn. Warm-up was standard, on 15 min. Drilling started with hip-bump sweeps, the hip-bump to kimura, the hip-bump to kimura to Omaplata’s. Then it was the pendulum sweep, then pendulum to arm-bar. Finishing with the scissor sweep, then scissor to mount x-collar choke. Great stuff… 1 min bangers. Next we reviewed the tripod sweep which moved into a chain of progressive control and attacks. Sweep, mount, side s-mount, harness, wing-choke, bow-choke, arm-bar. We’ve been working on this, piece by piece for the past few months on Sundays. The guys that show up get it… its beautiful to watch lol. We followed-up with troubleshooting issues everyone had, then 6×5 min rounds of hard rolling. Even class meant I only got to roll when Gare bear tapped himself out lol… think he was mad at me for something lol…. home boys gotta learn to be able to pace themselves lol. Oh well, here to coach. Small sacrifices for a better good. Helping BJJ grow as a whole. I get lots of rolling in during the week still, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays… most often Fridays. At least I come in at 9 am on Sundays to get conditioning in… or whatever you want to call it lol.


Clip of me pushing the homies a little this Sunday, grinding below… lol

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