Apr 6/16 Wed BJJ

Yes lol I know behind.


We had our final gradings for the week… a lot of over due belts a few kids, blues, a purple and a few degrees on browns.

Wooo congrats to all!!

#TrainintheGI, say’s Marcelo Garcia, your jiu-jitsu will get better.

Train in the GI, say’s T-son, not only will your BJJ  get better, but the belts you level up with, you can actually wear to hold together your GI jacket and up your pants lol 🙂

Cute picture my homie Travis took from a Sunday class yipping BJJ BS…


Promotions, gradings, and belts mean different things to everyone.

Everyone’s journey is different!

We all train BJJ for different reasons… gotta respect the reason’s. Without the reasons, there wouldn’t be people training. Without the people training, there would’t be BJJ.


This blog has been good to me, an opportunity to reflect, think, and grow on opportunities I wouldn’t have rather if I didn’t blog. A reflection of my BJJ and its continued evolution. Tracking personal progress, changes, attitude, learning experiences, and just random gibberish, kind of like a painting or self portrait that could in turn be reflective of my mat time which of course can never be taken away, ever… especially when its in my blog lol.

Been harder lately with chasing my kid around lol… more eh??? Yah more eventually lol.

Random chaotic beauty… Gibberish, which is a good reflective representation of what a none BJJ practitioner would see lol.


Thor had us do 5 mins of arches and 5 mins of forward/backwards shrimping. He also made us do butterfly sweeps as well as turn over re-guarding for 5 mins each.


Then we rolled. 5 mins with Luke, Juneau, Deseil, Josh, and then bigger Josh lol… yes there is a bigger Josh. Blue belt too, Haha.


Great stuff!!!


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