Wed Mar 30/16 BJJ


Second day of gradings… so many peeps lol… sooooo many.

I believe Thor ran the class this night.

Warm-up with running around, forward/reverse shrimping,  sit-outs, break-falls to technical stands, 5 mins of standing arm drags, worked on a butterfly sweep, then positional king of the mat.

Mount, back, and closed guard?

Forget been a while lol…

Love it!!




Great stuff we continued with grading’s! Congratulations to all that leveled up today and I fully apologize for my delay and procrastination.

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Mar 28/16 Mon BJJ

It’s Fri, everyone is asleep, scotch, beer and maybe one more blurb after this lol.






Sun, Mon, Wed, & Fri… seriously, I don’t train enough. 😦

I need more jiu-jitsu…

Spent the day with my monkey… cutest little thing. Chasing him around the house lol. So fast, so little lol.




Can’t pretend to know jiu-jitsu, especially when the guy on top of you us a 240 lbs Brown Belt. Yep, defence better be good lol.


Had gradings today… at least the first set. Been trying to advocate for our white belts. Great stuff. Guys and gals are getting better,   improving, and attendance much better.


Train in the GI and all of your wildest abilities will come true…


Rolled with Nathan, Rhino, Jesse, Thor, and then Jason.

5 min rounds.

All these homies always put me in check.

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3rd & Final Day for Grading

last day of the grind was last night… I counted about 35 guys maybe even more last night, definitely a few guys missing from the first day, and second day… again a good portion I don’t even know lol… but hey more bodies yeah!!


Morgan ran the 10 min warm up… a short clip below…


Coach got the guys to roll for this final day with guys rolling with specific guys… short clip below.

Yay… then promotions… another short quick clip below…


 Went to the Sushi Station after with the wife… pigged out on sashimi to celebrate… damn it was good… also had like 15 cross cut ribs… delish!!


I posted a beautiful Facebook post I published this morning… below:

Well it happened last night… A few more steps to the ultimate goal.

Thanks again, to Professor Matt Richer, Coach Keith MacGillivray, all and everyone I currently train with, past and present. Soooo many to damn list. You know who you are. I’ve either been choked, strangled, joint or compression locked, crushed, mounted, or literally just been sat on by you an vice versa… we all train with similar intents.

Again you all know who you are, BJJ is a tough Martial Art… we spend a lot of time away from regular life, OTM, with you guys. You have either inspired me or motivated me in one way or form… my second family.

Oh, most importantly thank you to my Son, my dog Chucky Lee Norris, & my loving wife. In that order… :p for letting me go off and train as much as I do and even with only 4 hours sleep a night these past 3 months, …without your support I may have wasted all my money on that Green $3000 SYR GI I saw posted on that Facebook group website the other night and many others… clearly over priced?

Congratulations to the others on their achievements as well!!

Still feels like yesterday we were just on James Street… BJJ has grown so much here in Thunder Bay with our Team.

The ultimate goal. Future… BJJ Black Belts.



— with Mikey Arms and 43 others at Leading Edge MMA.

Hope to see yall out Fri, Sat, and hopefully Sunday!