Mar 28/16 Mon BJJ

It’s Fri, everyone is asleep, scotch, beer and maybe one more blurb after this lol.






Sun, Mon, Wed, & Fri… seriously, I don’t train enough. 😦

I need more jiu-jitsu…

Spent the day with my monkey… cutest little thing. Chasing him around the house lol. So fast, so little lol.




Can’t pretend to know jiu-jitsu, especially when the guy on top of you us a 240 lbs Brown Belt. Yep, defence better be good lol.


Had gradings today… at least the first set. Been trying to advocate for our white belts. Great stuff. Guys and gals are getting better,   improving, and attendance much better.


Train in the GI and all of your wildest abilities will come true…


Rolled with Nathan, Rhino, Jesse, Thor, and then Jason.

5 min rounds.

All these homies always put me in check.

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