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Weirdest thing… woke up with a killer headache and body was still hurting from Friday. Eitherway, got to the gym around 9:30 am ishy. Got some rowing in… some lol. Much-needed, been way to long! Funny how life sometimes redirects you.

Short warm-up and stretching before the guys came in which was much needed, especially after Friday’s rolls to the death hahahah.

For the class we got in an easy 15 min standard warm-up with rolling, shrimping etc… then some squats, push-ups, crunches, and knees downs. We drilled hip bump sweeps, kimura’s, arm-bars, gilliotine’s, and omaplata’s. We then reviewed the knee slice-pass countering the De La Riva guard. Got the homies to work in some positional resistance against the guard with this specific knee slice-pass at 50, 75, 99 percent and finished with a few 5 min rounds of rolling.


Watch “Oct 23/16 Sunday Open Mat in Sudbury” on YouTube

When I’m allowed, while in Sudbury… guess what I’m doing. #bjj ???? 

Sunday Open Mat at Troop sure!!

Great open mat with my nickel mining homies lol… did I say they were all sharks?? 

Yes, please learn to swim if you decide to participate in one of their open mats. Yep, a few 10 min rounds with JM, 7 min rounds with Mike Woodcock, Justin St Amand, Josh da Bod and a newer Mike from Manitou Island?? Eitherway love these guys… alway putting me in defense mode. Tough, tough, grind and very technical group of guys. Felt at home. Wished I had more time to come up and train with these guys. #life

Homeboys are skilled!! #OSSSSSS

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Fun open mat before I took off for my small vacation. Travis the Man Duncan took over this morning, while the combination of him and Nathan will be putting forth knowledge next Sunday before I get back. 


We all gotta take little breaks… just not from BJJ hahahaha. Well, unless you got an injury, sick or working. Wait… if you got a family member(s) or friend(s) to takecare of, however not much lol.  So oooops, enough can keep you away from training. Life I guess. Either-way, it’s all about the push through those situations. 

Working outa town these past few months didn’t help me… but whatever, every other week was Fridays,  Saturdays, and Sundays. Then it would be Sunday only. 


I tried my best to keep in shape with a lot of walking, intermittent fasting and your standard push-ups. Oh and healthy eating hahah… 

Scotch, blueberry beer? & Wings Thursdays?

Gotta keep pushing, gotta keep training. Injuries only slow you down, can’t stop the growth. Always other ways to adapt. 


Clip of our open mat this past Friday below, long ass rolls with Big Red and TBT Steve. Long ass rolls. Fun fun!!

                #BJJislife #BJJfourlife #Train4Life #BJJ4life

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What what…!!

Last Sunday morning training session at the Hillcrest site. 20 min warm-up by Nathan. I got us to bang out 50 squats, 30 push-ups, 30 crunches, 15 knee downs, and 10 belly to butt turning drills right after. Then we drilled hip bump sweeps, kimuras, arm-bars, and then omaplata’s. A total of 10 each. For technique we reviewed a cross lapel control from closed guard which we’ve been working on for a few weeks, the defence, and then a counter to which it gets reversed, to transition into a wing choke or back take. 

I hurt my rib last week rolling with a few bigger boys. Yes bigger boy’s. No excuses, just the pressure and crushing power some of these guys have developed is a complement to our training regime. Big boy jiu-jitsu players… what what!!

#a3enforcers lol putting my little ass in place… body triangle crush. #Word 

We then rolled for 2×5 min rounds,  flow rolling in fact, didn’t look like it lol dafuck. Then finally we played king of the mat for 20 mins starting in closed guard. Guys looked burnt out lol.

 I swear i tell them to have fun… lol

looked like fights to the death lol.

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Yes a little behind… working outa town weekly has been keeping me kinda busy. 

Pays the bills though…

Pays for GI’s to train…

Working for the money makes the wife happy. BJJ bum… not so much.

Happy wife, happy life.

Then I get to train #BJJ

Unless I get something in town full-time just as comparible, this shall have to do lol. Beggars can’t be choosers and I’m kinda like a specialist in my field.
Video below… 20 mins warm-up run by Nathan. Then I got us to do 50 squats, 25 push-ups, 25 crunches, then 25 knee-downs as fast as possible. Got everyone to rep arm-bars, hip-bump sweeps, kimuras, then omaplata’s. We then reviewed the cross the back lapel control from closed guard. Second, was a sweep from the same control, right into mount. Third, was a base ball bat choke,  if you missed the sweep. We then rolled for 5×5 min rounds.

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Irony was that the class was full of the heavy weights lol. 15 mins hard warm-up, 45 mins of with the knee slice pass and chained submission drilling. 15 mins review of 2 paper cutter variations, first from the north south, then second from knee-on-belly. We then finished with 3 x 5 min rounds of rolling, think they were fairly tough rounds lol.

Either way it was a productive class.




Just a guy blabbing about BJJ and his personal useless journey lol…

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My homie Andrew’s BDay… 
Got in early, swept the mats, warmed up and stretched for 45 mins. I really need to started rowing again… seriously. Hard getting a good work out town, especially in the summers, with 12 to 16 hours of your day on the job lol… 
Ended up doing a hard 20 min warm-up run by Nathan, 20 mins reviewing 2 variations of the paper cutter strangle, then a 20 mins shark tank starting for the Bday boy. 
10 mins for him on the bottom starting with closed guard, then 10 mins for him inside others closed guard until either the first point or submission for the next person in line.
Marc definitely loved it lol.
Yes we all lined up lol… fresh for the bday boy.



Happy birthday buddy!!

Great stuff!!