Watch “Oct 23/16 Sunday Open Mat in Sudbury” on YouTube

When I’m allowed, while in Sudbury… guess what I’m doing. #bjj ???? 

Sunday Open Mat at Troop sure!!

Great open mat with my nickel mining homies lol… did I say they were all sharks?? 

Yes, please learn to swim if you decide to participate in one of their open mats. Yep, a few 10 min rounds with JM, 7 min rounds with Mike Woodcock, Justin St Amand, Josh da Bod and a newer Mike from Manitou Island?? Eitherway love these guys… alway putting me in defense mode. Tough, tough, grind and very technical group of guys. Felt at home. Wished I had more time to come up and train with these guys. #life

Homeboys are skilled!! #OSSSSSS

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