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Fun class, a few knewbs, great showing, and a visitor from steel city. Great guy! Does a lot of construction, like what I do, but instead for the builders side of things. Great stuff!!

We did a 15 min standard warm-up with rolling shrimping etc, then 50 squats, 30 push-ups, 30 crunches, 10 knee downs, & then 10 belly to butt drills. I then got the homies to rep 20 arm-bars swings, 20 hip-bump sweeps, 20 kimura’s, 20 omaplata’s, then 20 scissor sweeps all starting in closed guard. We then reviewed the closed guard lapel control cross collar choke. We finished with 2×5 min rounds of rolling, then we shark tanked Kevin for 10 mins straight for his birthday, switching in someone fresh every 1.0 min lol. 

Happy 28th birthday Kevin Smith lol…
Hopefully everyone enjoys their Turkey long weekend!!


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Gotta train. No matter what, gotta keep moving. Only times I feel alive, at home with the family or OTM.

10 min rounds… a few with Marco, Jared, and then big Willy! Buzzer kinda went every 2 mins or something. Weird, whatever, so we just kept losing track of time, rolled, rolled, and rolled some more lol.

Great times nice technique from everyone. Freck Jared is bigger and stronger. His feet are the size of my torso hahah.

I was sore lol…

Watch “Oct 2/16 Sun Morning BJJ” on YouTube

What what!!

This was our first confirmed jam last weekend. Working outa town weekly has been keeping from posting regularly. Not that anyone cares. But eh its my gibberish…. #consistency #Boom-digity?

Saw this on my buddies page… had to rip it.


Life never goes the way its planned. Our construction work was scheduled to finish around Sept. Nope… just wished there were homies around wanting to roll. Tried to bait around when I first got there. Only guys interested were only people looking to learn… with late late nights, coming home at 8 or 9 pm lol… yeah no. Knewbs means fights to the death, a lot of knewbs means more fights to the death and potential of me not going in to work functionally the following day. I’m 38 right now… my career is still in the works and eh nothing will ever go as planned… thats life. Gotta still work to pay for BJJ Gi’s lol.

Today was a little awkward and different. Special, none the less, with us doing our first training session at the new location at the Sport Dome. 

Eitherway it was #fantastic

Nathan ran a 15 min standard warm-up, I got our heart rates going with 50 squats, 30 push-ups, 30 crunches, 10 knee downs, 10 belly to butt turning drills. Coach Matt got us to review a couple of self-defense techniques. I then got us to drill arm-bars, hip-bump sweeps, the omaplata’s 10 each as fast as possible. We then reviewed the lapel control from closed guard,  with the wing choke variant when your opponent defends. We then finished with 20 minutes of king of the mat. Started in someones closed guard. It was cold, toes cold lol.. forgot to bring a rash guard, lol always going to be growing pains with a new place.