Watch “Sept 25/16 Sun Morning BJJ” on YouTube

What what…!!

Last Sunday morning training session at the Hillcrest site. 20 min warm-up by Nathan. I got us to bang out 50 squats, 30 push-ups, 30 crunches, 15 knee downs, and 10 belly to butt turning drills right after. Then we drilled hip bump sweeps, kimuras, arm-bars, and then omaplata’s. A total of 10 each. For technique we reviewed a cross lapel control from closed guard which we’ve been working on for a few weeks, the defence, and then a counter to which it gets reversed, to transition into a wing choke or back take. 

I hurt my rib last week rolling with a few bigger boys. Yes bigger boy’s. No excuses, just the pressure and crushing power some of these guys have developed is a complement to our training regime. Big boy jiu-jitsu players… what what!!

#a3enforcers lol putting my little ass in place… body triangle crush. #Word 

We then rolled for 2×5 min rounds,  flow rolling in fact, didn’t look like it lol dafuck. Then finally we played king of the mat for 20 mins starting in closed guard. Guys looked burnt out lol.

 I swear i tell them to have fun… lol

looked like fights to the death lol.

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