May 23/16 Random Holiday Morning BJJ


Repped out x-pass to arm-bar a few times, then rolled 5×4 mins rounds with Josh and Justin.

Barn burning rounds lol… these young guys keep me on my toes lol.



May 22/16 Sun Morning BJJ



Moving a tire around and stuff b4 jitz!!
Huge Sunday class!!
A clip of us jamming below!!! 



May 15/16 Sun BJJ



Always gotta get some kinda strength and conditioning in before the homies come in lol…

Smaller class with 15 min warm-up, 45 mins of drilling the x-pass by it self, then chaining the arm-bar, and then to kimura. We then reviewed a back take double lapel strangle from full harness or seat belt.

Clip of us rolling…


May 14/16 Nogi with G


May 8/16 Sun BJJ




May 1/16 Sunday BJJ




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Oh boy lol… BJJ soon!!

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Smaller class!

Still trained lol….


Apr 27/16 Wed BJJ

Slowly but surely lol… getting this done.
Damn straight… fed the monkey and went into the gym.


Sooo what injuries?

Gotta get some kinda bjj in… training that is.

Thor ran the class. Warm-up was a bunch of various shrimps around the mat, back archw, and then head strengthening exercises. He then had us review the butterfly fly sweep while being flattened out and two collar grips, which then sequenced into an inverted straight arm lock…. great stuff!!

I partnered with Aussey Mike and we repped  it out like a million times.