Friday July 31/15 Open Mat

Wow, I was not motivated to go to the gym tonight…

Chugged some coffee and went anyways.


Especially, hanging out with my 7 month old and my 16 lbs Chiweenie all day lol…

Yes, things can get pretty cumbersome.

Hit the Complex yesterday morning again… yay on my way back down to 155 lbs lol…. walking around 165 to 170 lbs weird… hahahah


Always someone to help motivate you lol…

Got this in the mail today… unfortunately the baby kept me too busy to even skim through it. Oh reading material on a boring day Ha!!


Got in around… 5:15 pm ishy…

Rupert, Nathan, Morgan, Colin, Jesse, Winston, a newb blue belt from Halifax, Justin, and then Matt Veal showing up a little later.

Rolling: (10 min, 1 min breaks)
1. Rupert
2. Rupert
3. Jesse
4. Justin

Got Rupert to warm me up…

Yes my finger was still mangled…

Taped the shit out of it lol. Boy did he grind on me lol…


All I could think about was man… I could have sworn it was for me to warm up… lol… so I literally had to up my pace stay safe.


Oh well lol… he kept trying to do an over under pass inside my guard, which I thought was weird, because it opened up an opportunity for me to triangle him. Which rarely happens for me.

Yes almost triangled someone wooo…

Especially with my 26 inch inseam hah!!


Later myself and Morgan asked him why he kept doing that… turns out he watched it on YouTube… a drill in which he tried in live rolling. Myself and Morgan tried to correct his pass… reviewing approach and when to use this pass. Unfortunately, however in turn fortunate. He learned a few ways, corrective was to use this pass while rolling with me. I’m hoping he remembers to send me the link to the video he watched this drill from… that way I can correct his initial intent. Not saying I an expert but hey. Any help, is better then no help…


Take it from me… I was a 4 year white belt lol… 

Rolling with Jesse and Justin was fun as usual heck it was all fun! great day…

I’m glad I went in…

Clip of me and Justin rolling below…


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