Jan 11/16 Mon BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 5:25 pm… last week on Monday.

Yes I’m behind… like last week behind.

Rhino was in to run the class. He had us running around, bear crawling, lunges, then a bunch of wrestling take down kind of warm-ups.


I partnered with Juneau to partner drill the double leg… lol dude knee toe stomped me again lol…

Yeah buddy… a few other times as well.

The spazzy white belt strikes again lol hahahah ouch that hurt.


I did manage to yelp like a little girl… shit hurt. JUNEAU is like 200 lbs

Lol dfck, especially when it wasn’t expected… we were just repping the movement lol.

Rhino had us review a closed guard sweep variation that starts with a arm drag, to a sweep similar to a pendulum sweep, but instead reaching deep for the far side leg, and to execute the arm-bar while sweeping or once swept.


These are all very simple fundamental movements you need to understand as a white belt.

Simple and very effective… the bread and butter of BJJ.

To survive against a bigger non-skilled BJJ opponent.

Especially while your opponent attempts to break the guard by wedging a knee into your butt.

Either way we finished with 10 min rounds sessions of rolling.


Rolled with Juneau, Eric, and then Travis the beast Caldwell.

Thanks for the push kids… lol I was really burnt out, wrist, ankle and toe were messed up.



…helped relieve the soreness over the night lol.

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Jan 10/16 Sun Morning BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:00 am this past Sunday…

Boy did I ever feel great… coffee, tones of H2O.

Weird though, a fellow by the name of Keith came in shortly after I turned on the lights. He mentioned his shifts got switched around and that his only available time to train was at 9 am… great, I replied…

I believe he mentioned that he was a paramedic? which makes sense, random shifts and hours. I told him I’m in every Sunday at 9 am should always be open… so see you here again.


You bet… I hit the rowing machine.

4 sets of 2km.

Ouch… my 1st 2km set was the best. Slowly, very slowly improving lol Stretching then BJJ soon!!! Ossss

A photo posted by T-son Inthisone D (@bjjfourlife) on

Got some stretching and a few other things done before all the homies started showing up.

Boy did a few people show up!

Astonishing on how many homies we got… the mat was full.

A lot of new faces and a visiting face from Kenora…


Its slowly growing!!

All you guys and gals gotta do is show up!



Warm-up was standard, a bunch of partner drills, then the positional sweep drilling.

We reviewed a knee push sweep I ripped off of Emily Kwok and Stephen Kesting… one of my top 2 favourite online black belt resources. Differentiation of hers with mine starting from closed guard, then transitioning to the seated guard and then the knee push.

Cute fast clip of us doing our thing below…


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Battle Balm… or Tiger Balm?

Finally getting this done… got a couple more days to yip about.

Nutty lol… after worldwide traveling I finally got it last week lol…




Budapest, HUNGARY

Just saying… I’m wishing I was this product!

Couldn’t have come in a better time as my wrist is still mangled.

Anywho, got hooked up with a cute T-shirt to which I will absolutely be wearing… shoulders look huge in them btw, Oh and some really cool stickers.!!

Owner of the company trains BJJ, so he’s got my bye-in that its legit!




Ironic eh? 37 and loves stickers…

Look what I got… #battlebalm Will blog about it soon! Thanks Dylan Jawahir!! Ossss

A photo posted by T-son Inthisone D (@bjjfourlife) on

My kids… gonna love me when they gets older… I put stickers on everything.

Car, electronics, my wife if she would give me permission lol hahahaha.

Nerd dad hah!!

This stuff works… seriously. Scent is minimal, didn’t burn my partners eyes, and best of all lasted for quite, heck a lot longer then Tiger Balm. Yes you heard it, better than Tiger Balm. Way better. Doesn’t feel like it’s burning the skin… more of a deep penetrating feel, with a very long lasting approach. Maybe its just the placebo effect from the whole BJJ thing.

Regardless, I highly recommend!!


In some cases it lasted for 3 to 4 hours… mind you, I was wearing a neoprene wrist reinforcement slip with the balm on. Whereas, Tiger Balm only an hour… yep great stuff.


Price point may be higher… but hey! What kind of price do you put on your body, especially when your only born with one?

Anywho, I’ll buy it again!


Jan 7/16 6:00 pm BJJ


Thank god for days off… wait.

No you gotta force yourself to take days off.

Seriously, all part of the training… or else injuries occur.

Regularly in fact…

Days off are gooooood.

Obviously I’m a hypocrit… lol seriously we train BJJ. We train a lot.

Who needs a day off?

On my days off from work… guess what I’m doing?

Putting time OTM lol

My obsession will become your addiction… hahahahah

BJJ is easy right?? Duh lol

Anywho lol Yesterday after getting home Baba was fed, as fast as I could lol… this time no coffee when I got home. Just water and some chicken with the monkey.


Busy at the office yesterday and today BTW lol… worked on our company website fun fun… getting good at this stuff. Using my Digital and Marketing capabilities I picked up after spending 4 years at Lakehead University to get my HBcomm.

Hard to believe I didn’t shift into this specific line of work. Nuts… even though I love this shit. Ironically enough the Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma side of my education has been keeping me ridiculously busy. Both have their benefits. All I can say is the transferable skills developed from my Business degree have been a facet for other developments within my Engineering career.

Management, best Business practice’s etc… ironic lol… one of the University Engineering graduates asked me what I was planning to do with my Business Degree while only being a technologist and College Diploma in Civil Engineering. I replied that the reality is, an Engineering Firm is a Business, what better way to be able to work for one, is by understanding how it actually functions.

Twisted eh?

Trying to find some kind of rationale to analogize between work and BJJ lol…


My gibberish ahahahah … kinda like my BJJ belongs to me and no one else. A personal self expression OTM

Understanding the core techniques and the real function of the movement, which are built of tiny movements of once we were initially taught, to what we know now, for example a closed guard arm-bar… to me now, its just move. However, it has mechanics to get from one position to the next, as a white belt you need these mechanics, a base line, a reference point, or even how to punch or jab. The crawl before you walk shapeel… lol

  1. Start with your partner inside your guard
  2. Cross your feet to close your guard
  3. When you close your guard, lift your hips up, off the ground
  4. Break your partners posture by pulling your knees to your chest
  5. Pick an arm (ie, right arm) and grab the tricep (GI) with your same corresponding hand (ie my right hand to grab his right tricep (Gi).
  6. Make sure the elbow is crossed over the center-line of the body, the further the better, with maintenance of the broken posture
  7. Your partner should feel really uncomfortable at this point if the elbow is pulled over far enough
  8. With your left hand grab his left shoulder
  9. Open your guard, keeping knees pinched, bringing your left leg over the right should with the other stopping slightly under the outside shoulder
  10. Cross your feet again, you should be in a what we call a “Pit stop,” from here the arm could be attacked, in a more advanced point of view it and can be finished, fulcrum, hips high elbow joint is with a dangerous location
  11. However we’re gonna put my left foot on right hip, making sure that my right knee is right next to his left shoulder and that I’m still pinching my knees
  12. Slide your right leg further up his back, behind their shoulder to when where your right heel will meet his left shoulder (clamping down so you don’t give him space)
  13. Let go of their left shoulder with my left hand
  14. Swing your left leg over his head to the point where the crook behind my knee is about even to his ear. Make sure this is a smooth transition with no space and constant contact with them while doing this, the clamp down on both legs, I pinch my knees and look into their ear. your calves should be flexed and point upwards
  15. Then you lock his wrist (so their thumb is pointing to the ceiling) and lift your hips upward.
  16. At this point you can switch grips and under hook the right leg to sweep or finish the submission with them on their side.

Yeah a lot of steps eh?

The technique discussed is what we worked on before rolling… yep.

A lot of actual steps that I take for granted…

Anywho..Thor ran the class… fun stuff. Warm-up, some take-down styled drilling. The closed guard arm-bar with a pit stop. then rolling…. man sooooo many peeps OTM dfck lol.

About 90% green…


Nuts, fantastic though…

Fresh meat for the bluebelts lol hahahah


Either way great stuff!!

I partnered with Big Rig. Nice seeing him out from his break from back injuries. Yep sooo many injuries. Including myself. But hey, just show up and you’ll learn something!!


Nice clip of all the newer and currents homies that showed up Wednesday night below… even caught the boxing class after in action crazy!!!

It’s gotta be a new year’s resolution thing… prove me wrong and don’t thin out in a few months…


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Jan 4/16 Mon Night BJJ


Got home fed the baba… yep on Monday. hmmmm

Downed some coffee lol… drank coffee all day though.

…Maybe I should have just drank water.



Got to LEMMA 5:45 pm-ishy lol… the cage was full. oh well, life.


My addiction is slowly gaining ground…

“Hahahahhahah” in a deep Vader voice.

Wrist, ankle, and toe… yep tape. Dudes have been attacking hard like their hungry… hey I was a white belt once lol. Tape appears only to give them more of a reason to go harder lol. Great? Damned if you do or damned if you don’t. Whatever.. reinforcement is better then non…

Rhino was in… he made us do a little warm-up. the mat was full. Crazy! So happy with the amount of guys that attend Sundays. So many guys that attend to during the week… nutty. Hopefully we can get more guys to step it up and help out with soooo many green homies!


Need them… its true. the life blood of BJJ!!


Rolled with Rupert, Mitch, and Eric…
10 min rounds and 1 min breaks.
Man these homies were hungry lol.



Either way great rounds!!

Good fun!


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Jan 3/16 Sun Morning BJJ

Great class…

Sunday morning BJJ big up on the attendance!


It was awesome to get in nice and early… got to LEMMA around 9:00 am, chugged a pot of coffee. Even brought a few cups.

I was kinda was burnt out from all the wonderful scotch I had been indulging in lol.



Taking a small break from the mat is crazy… gets you anxious.


Weird like rolling is an obsession?

Either way got in and the temperature was phenomenal…


Yes I did managed to row… results below.

Surprised at all the faces that showed up this morning.

Thought that everyone would be trying to recover from all the festivities… I was fortunately mistaken. Our regulars are warriors!!

Hey hey… what a better way then by sweating it out OTM!

Detoxification if all the evil food and alcohol consumed from the holidays… relieve that built up stress from sitting in front of the television all day.

Glad i showed up… looked like the others were somewhat glad as well lol.



Got the guys to follow me through a standard warm-up. Running around the mats, bear crawls, lunges, forward/reverse/side rolls, forward/reverse shrimping, forward/reverse break falls with technical stands, forward/reverse butt scoots, partner butter fly scoots, & finally following your partners legs with leg hooks. We then worked on the isolated sweep drills, then we reviewed my favourite sweep, the lasso sweep. Afterwards, we then rolled.


Guys are getting it… slowly but surely, the regulars!

Homies got a lot of drilling in… hip bump sweep, scissor sweep, flower sweep, hook sweep, tomahawk sweep, star sweep, then the pendulum sweep. 2 min sets, then they switched. Lol

I partnered with Katrina for the drilling until I jammed my wrist again damn…


Yep! I forgot to tape it.

Dumb dumb…

Rolled with Gary, Hector, Justin, and Hector…

5 min rounds and 30 sec breaks. Clip below…

Even worked on my head stand lol before one of the guys showed up…

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Dec 31/15 NYE BJJ

Yeah buddy…

Never too late to try… just do it!!


NYE roll with my little buddy!!

Obviously I’m a few days late…

Oh well… get it done right?


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Dec 30/15 5:30 pm Open Mat

Oh yeah… one more to go after this.

Somebody I had a little discussion with told me they were sometimes nervous before clicking the post button for their blog.

Sometimes my gibberish is flagrantly filtered with wonderful selections of scotch… just saying.

Lets just say sometimes it takes me a few hours to enjoy a few glasses of scotch Lol

Great session before the 2016 NYE… love open mats.


Opportunities to troubleshoot technique, and practice the art with low, semi, to even high level resistance amongst training partners.

The grand idea of the perfect training partner eh?



Without them… we wouldn’t even be able to train BJJ.

Open mats are a perfect platform. Train hard, train smart… longevity in this martial art is the key. Competition is super duper important. Compete as much as you can to develop the mindset and help your evolution, hence the as much part, as we all know with at regular to minimal training life can get in the way, thus competition would be the first you will cut, can get pricey, especially for us out of zone BJJERS… especially when you have a baby to deal with 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night into the early mornings lol… yep.


Nice reference article below by Emil Fischer about how to be a good training partner from jiu-jitsu times.



Mind you… rolling with newer white belts brings in a life or death scenario in regular BJJ training.

Seriously if your looking for a fight… roll with a new white belt lol. They will fight tooth and nail for top position lol… It will improve your self-defense BJJ.

Especially, when they attack fingers, pull hairs, cuts from long nails, ear pulling, nose twisting, eye pokes, flailing uncontrollably, unpredictably and even, I’ve had instances of attempts of rape chokes while inside my guard… yes rape choke.


Visualise, long and hard lol hahahahah

Oh and nasty turkey bites!!


I feel like in the constant evolution of learning BJJ, self-defense is ridiculously important. Training with new white belts helps you maintain the sharpness of those skills sets otherwise lost when you are only molding yourself strictly for sport BJJ.

Self-defense is important!!

The circle of life for BJJ and the growth of white belts is important… the lively hood of the club, BJJ and longevity that BJJ stays real, and depends on the always growing number of white belts.

I almost feel like the new white belt is an indirect necessary evil to maintain the self-defense mind set…

When I say necessary evil, I mean injuries… can’t dodge them with white belts. Heck you won’t dodge them while rolling with senior ranks.

When we train, we should train with everyone… especially the white belt. A give and take. They learn to roll more efficiently and you, in return learn to be more effective being the senior of the two.

Always refinement of the game…


Off course, just random gibberish… I have no research to support this rant… just a lot of bruises, injuries, and pain induced from rolling with random spazzy new white belts that decide to partake in our studies.

When we train BJJ, we train for the longevity of training, thus tapping and training smarter is of extreme relevance.

Ironic as my wrist, thumb, toes are mangled… all about the necessary evils eh? Circle of life eh?

Tape, tape, tape, tiger balm, ibuprofen, naproxen, coffee, and a lot of patience is a requirement in training BJJ…

Cute clip of us training last Wednesday below… rolled with Big Rig, Marco, Morgo, Matt, Jesse, and Caleb. 5 min double rounds.

Possibly the last deep roll session for some!!

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Dec 28/15 Mon Morning BJJ

Boom digity… got to LEMMA around 8:45 am.


Only few more days to blab about!

Damn it was cold lol… on Monday morning man.




Got a solid 15 min warm-up in… enough to take off my rash guard and socks lol.

A clip of our rounds… pretty random rounds cause we doubled up even though it was set at 5 mins lol…

A clip of the whole morning session…

Either way this morning session was fantastic!

Just show up homie!


Always a great way to start out the morning… train BJJ and get your mind going!!


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