Jan 7/16 6:00 pm BJJ


Thank god for days off… wait.

No you gotta force yourself to take days off.

Seriously, all part of the training… or else injuries occur.

Regularly in fact…

Days off are gooooood.

Obviously I’m a hypocrit… lol seriously we train BJJ. We train a lot.

Who needs a day off?

On my days off from work… guess what I’m doing?

Putting time OTM lol

My obsession will become your addiction… hahahahah

BJJ is easy right?? Duh lol

Anywho lol Yesterday after getting home Baba was fed, as fast as I could lol… this time no coffee when I got home. Just water and some chicken with the monkey.


Busy at the office yesterday and today BTW lol… worked on our company website fun fun… getting good at this stuff. Using my Digital and Marketing capabilities I picked up after spending 4 years at Lakehead University to get my HBcomm.

Hard to believe I didn’t shift into this specific line of work. Nuts… even though I love this shit. Ironically enough the Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma side of my education has been keeping me ridiculously busy. Both have their benefits. All I can say is the transferable skills developed from my Business degree have been a facet for other developments within my Engineering career.

Management, best Business practice’s etc… ironic lol… one of the University Engineering graduates asked me what I was planning to do with my Business Degree while only being a technologist and College Diploma in Civil Engineering. I replied that the reality is, an Engineering Firm is a Business, what better way to be able to work for one, is by understanding how it actually functions.

Twisted eh?

Trying to find some kind of rationale to analogize between work and BJJ lol…


My gibberish ahahahah … kinda like my BJJ belongs to me and no one else. A personal self expression OTM

Understanding the core techniques and the real function of the movement, which are built of tiny movements of once we were initially taught, to what we know now, for example a closed guard arm-bar… to me now, its just move. However, it has mechanics to get from one position to the next, as a white belt you need these mechanics, a base line, a reference point, or even how to punch or jab. The crawl before you walk shapeel… lol

  1. Start with your partner inside your guard
  2. Cross your feet to close your guard
  3. When you close your guard, lift your hips up, off the ground
  4. Break your partners posture by pulling your knees to your chest
  5. Pick an arm (ie, right arm) and grab the tricep (GI) with your same corresponding hand (ie my right hand to grab his right tricep (Gi).
  6. Make sure the elbow is crossed over the center-line of the body, the further the better, with maintenance of the broken posture
  7. Your partner should feel really uncomfortable at this point if the elbow is pulled over far enough
  8. With your left hand grab his left shoulder
  9. Open your guard, keeping knees pinched, bringing your left leg over the right should with the other stopping slightly under the outside shoulder
  10. Cross your feet again, you should be in a what we call a “Pit stop,” from here the arm could be attacked, in a more advanced point of view it and can be finished, fulcrum, hips high elbow joint is with a dangerous location
  11. However we’re gonna put my left foot on right hip, making sure that my right knee is right next to his left shoulder and that I’m still pinching my knees
  12. Slide your right leg further up his back, behind their shoulder to when where your right heel will meet his left shoulder (clamping down so you don’t give him space)
  13. Let go of their left shoulder with my left hand
  14. Swing your left leg over his head to the point where the crook behind my knee is about even to his ear. Make sure this is a smooth transition with no space and constant contact with them while doing this, the clamp down on both legs, I pinch my knees and look into their ear. your calves should be flexed and point upwards
  15. Then you lock his wrist (so their thumb is pointing to the ceiling) and lift your hips upward.
  16. At this point you can switch grips and under hook the right leg to sweep or finish the submission with them on their side.

Yeah a lot of steps eh?

The technique discussed is what we worked on before rolling… yep.

A lot of actual steps that I take for granted…

Anywho..Thor ran the class… fun stuff. Warm-up, some take-down styled drilling. The closed guard arm-bar with a pit stop. then rolling…. man sooooo many peeps OTM dfck lol.

About 90% green…


Nuts, fantastic though…

Fresh meat for the bluebelts lol hahahah


Either way great stuff!!

I partnered with Big Rig. Nice seeing him out from his break from back injuries. Yep sooo many injuries. Including myself. But hey, just show up and you’ll learn something!!


Nice clip of all the newer and currents homies that showed up Wednesday night below… even caught the boxing class after in action crazy!!!

It’s gotta be a new year’s resolution thing… prove me wrong and don’t thin out in a few months…


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