Jan 4/16 Mon Night BJJ


Got home fed the baba… yep on Monday. hmmmm

Downed some coffee lol… drank coffee all day though.

…Maybe I should have just drank water.



Got to LEMMA 5:45 pm-ishy lol… the cage was full. oh well, life.


My addiction is slowly gaining ground…

“Hahahahhahah” in a deep Vader voice.

Wrist, ankle, and toe… yep tape. Dudes have been attacking hard like their hungry… hey I was a white belt once lol. Tape appears only to give them more of a reason to go harder lol. Great? Damned if you do or damned if you don’t. Whatever.. reinforcement is better then non…

Rhino was in… he made us do a little warm-up. the mat was full. Crazy! So happy with the amount of guys that attend Sundays. So many guys that attend to during the week… nutty. Hopefully we can get more guys to step it up and help out with soooo many green homies!


Need them… its true. the life blood of BJJ!!


Rolled with Rupert, Mitch, and Eric…
10 min rounds and 1 min breaks.
Man these homies were hungry lol.



Either way great rounds!!

Good fun!


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