Jan 3/16 Sun Morning BJJ

Great class…

Sunday morning BJJ big up on the attendance!


It was awesome to get in nice and early… got to LEMMA around 9:00 am, chugged a pot of coffee. Even brought a few cups.

I was kinda was burnt out from all the wonderful scotch I had been indulging in lol.



Taking a small break from the mat is crazy… gets you anxious.


Weird like rolling is an obsession?

Either way got in and the temperature was phenomenal…


Yes I did managed to row… results below.

Surprised at all the faces that showed up this morning.

Thought that everyone would be trying to recover from all the festivities… I was fortunately mistaken. Our regulars are warriors!!

Hey hey… what a better way then by sweating it out OTM!

Detoxification if all the evil food and alcohol consumed from the holidays… relieve that built up stress from sitting in front of the television all day.

Glad i showed up… looked like the others were somewhat glad as well lol.



Got the guys to follow me through a standard warm-up. Running around the mats, bear crawls, lunges, forward/reverse/side rolls, forward/reverse shrimping, forward/reverse break falls with technical stands, forward/reverse butt scoots, partner butter fly scoots, & finally following your partners legs with leg hooks. We then worked on the isolated sweep drills, then we reviewed my favourite sweep, the lasso sweep. Afterwards, we then rolled.


Guys are getting it… slowly but surely, the regulars!

Homies got a lot of drilling in… hip bump sweep, scissor sweep, flower sweep, hook sweep, tomahawk sweep, star sweep, then the pendulum sweep. 2 min sets, then they switched. Lol

I partnered with Katrina for the drilling until I jammed my wrist again damn…


Yep! I forgot to tape it.

Dumb dumb…

Rolled with Gary, Hector, Justin, and Hector…

5 min rounds and 30 sec breaks. Clip below…

Even worked on my head stand lol before one of the guys showed up…

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